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The Devoid Family
Since 1946

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Maple Meadow Farm Vermont Egg Processing Facility

State of the art egg processing facility

Jumbo Vermont Eggs

Maple Meadow Farm uses state-of-the-art egg processing equipment.

You can count on a high quality carton of eggs from Maple Meadow Farm. Shown here are jumbo brown eggs in a carton for retail sale.

Eggs from hen house on conveyer belt

Eggs being washed

Long conveyor belts bring the eggs from the hen house and through the processing facility.

All Maple Meadow Farm eggs pass through a high quality pressure washer.

Eggs after washing

Eggs candled for cracks and imperfections

Eggs come out of the washer and then enter the candling station.

Maple Meadow Farm eggs are candled for imperfections and cracked shells. Eggs that don't pass inspection are hand removed from the processing line.

Mechanical arms place eggs in cartons

Eggs being packed for shipment

Mechanical arms gently pack proper sized eggs into the cartons. Shown here is a loose carton of brown eggs usually sold to restaurants and food services.

Eggs, graded by size, come off the production line and are packed for delivery in our trucks.  Maple Meadow Farm strictly observes safe-handling practices for our eggs.

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    Quality Vermont eggs from the Devoid Family since 1946

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